Antech Global, formerly Binh Minh Mechanical Facility, is an international cashew machine producer which was founded in 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, first as a small-scale business with about 15 workers specializing in factory equipment for cashew processing.

In 2012, our facility was moved to Phuoc Long town in Binh Phuoc province which was closer to material farms with the aim of expanding production scale. Investments began for procuring the most advanced equipment and growing our existing team of skilled engineers as a basis for further progress.

In 2014, after many years of preparation, we began to look into a 100% automatic cashew processing line to help businesses save labor costs, cut time and ensure quality output.

In 2016, we completed the world’s first 100% automatic cashew processing line.

We started putting this production line into operation with our cashew materials from 2016 to 2017. During this process, we came to understand the obstacles and roadblocks that cashew businesses might face. Based on those obstacles, we continuously researched and improved the system in order to create the most perfect automatic and closed production line.

In February 2018, we finished refining the processing line and started introducing it to the Vietnamese market. In 2019, we decided to turn Binh Minh Mechanical Facility into Antech Global Ltd., Co. with 5 board members and a team of 100 factory workers, engineers and managers.

In early 2020, we officially presented our closed processing line to the world.

All Antech’s equipment are thoroughly tested based on our quality and safety standards before being released. Clients of Antech receive field instructions in details at our own factory and are entitled to excellent after-sales and warranty policies.