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Vietnam’s cashew processing machines show its power

Modern technology of cashew processing machines which allows processing of cashew nuts at low costs is one of the reasons that Vietnam has become the Number 1 cashew nut exporter in the world. Processing of cashew nuts is one of the rare industries where made-in-Vietnam cashew processing machines are favored. The machines allow processing at […]

The Technology of Cashew Nut Processing in Vietnam

The Technology of Cashew Nut Processing in Vietnam. Vietnam has strengths in natural conditions to produce raw cashew nuts. But that is not enough to bring Vietnam to the forefront of output and export value. An equally important factor is the cashew technology. Technology for producing Vietnamese cashew is cheap but effectiveSo far, Vietnam has […]

Incredible How Cashew Machines Explain Globalization

Cultivated in Brazil, exported by Portugal and commercialized by America, the snack enriched India, until Vietnam took over with modern Automatic Cashew Machines. Hanging from the bottom of the cashew apple, a seed that curiously grows outside its own fruit, the cashew products and cashew machines examplifies globalization. Cashew trees were brought to India by […]

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