Incredible How Cashew Machines Explain Globalization

Cultivated in Brazil, exported by Portugal and commercialized by America, the snack enriched India, until Vietnam took over with modern Automatic Cashew Machines.

Hanging from the bottom of the cashew apple, a seed that curiously grows outside its own fruit, the cashew products and cashew machines examplifies globalization.

Cashew trees were brought to India by Portuguese traders, our precursors, sailing from Brazil in the 16th century. Somehow these trees fount their way to the city of Kollam, an Indian Ocean port.

How Cashews Machines Explain Globalization

Though you might think of it as just another nut in the trail mix, the cashew is a decidedly strange snack. Sprouting like a tail from the bottom of an oddly-shaped fruit, the cashew, in its natural state, is both very weird-looking and very poisonous.

While many of the cashews produced for commerce come from Africa and India, the cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) is native to tropical regions of Brazil. The tree produces a long, fleshy stalk, called a cashew apple, which resembles a small pear. At the end of this stalk grows the kidney-shaped cashew nut that many know and love.

Cashew nuts are protected from hungry passerby by a double shell containing a potent poison called anacardic acid. This oily substance— closely related to urshiol, the toxic compound found in poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac— acts as an irritant, causing an allergic rash on the skin. Its corrosive coating is the reason that cashew nuts are not sold in their shells like pistachios or peanuts. Instead, cashews are typically dried and roasted, a process that rids the nut of toxic oils and leaves its shell brittle and easy to remove. 

However, cashews that have not been dried and roasted can be purchased in some stores and online. But as Deborah Enos, a certified nutritionist and health coach explains in her column for Live Science, people should use caution when purchasing any cashews labeled as « raw. » Though these nuts are most likely steamed or otherwise processed, Enos said that those with a severe allergy to urshiol (i.e. poison ivy) may not want to risk finding out whether these processes for removing anarcardic acid are entirely effective.

Despite its propensity to poison, the cashew is lauded for its substantial store of nutrients. Along with Brazil nuts and almonds, cashews have the highest magnesium content per serving of any tree nut. And like most nuts, cashews are also a good source of vitamin E and cancer-fighting phytochemicals. [See also: Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Foods]

It took some time but in the late 1920s these kernels were exported from Kollam around the world. It was the General Foods Co that made deals with local Indian businessmen to collect the cashews and remove the hard shells.

Export of processed cashew nuts

This was the start of a rapidly growing $6.5 billion global business. In the United states, the largest export market, they promoted the cashew as healthy snacks and are now part of products from nut bars to substitutes for butter and milk. In India, the largest consumer market for cashews, the rising middle class is adding them to cakes and sweets. For ages, Kollam was the cashew capital of the world. You can found some speaking numbers at TRIGE.COM

Specifications of Raw Cashew

​Today though, Vietnam is cashew king, thanks to a dedicated effort to automate the process with cashew machines and automatic processing line. Kollam is reeling, a victim of protectionism and its unwillingness to adapt to the power of the global economy.

How Cashews Machines Explain Globalization
Cashew machines greatly increase both quantity and quality of the products

To reach the top of the globle cashew export table. Viet Nam need many cashew machines and automatic processing line to greatly increase both quantity and quality of the products. At ANTECH, we provide a full range of most modern machines to serve the cashew industry. To learn more about our products, visit our site:

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